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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hair tutorial + NuMe Coupon Codes!

Ladies! Here are the coupon codes that NuMe made for me which expire in 3 months so use them while you can! If you plan to get the $97 set, I was told that the purple set is sold out to try the black or pink. Remember to use all lower case when using the codes :)

$97 for the Lustrum + Couture Flat Iron + Argan Oil (Originally $463)!!!!
Promo code: alba97
***must be all lowercase for it work***    ß must use this link to access package

$120 OFF sets (Titan 3, Lustrum, 3SUM, Curljam and Trifect)
Promo code: alba120
***must be all lowercase for it work***

$115 off all curling wands and some flat irons
Promo code: alba115
***must be all lowercase for it work***

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